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Unsecured Personal Term Loans

Solidon Financial has been a direct lender for subprime borrowers.  As of today, our default rate is lower than 5% in terms of loan amount and we are continue to expand portfolio of unsecured loans. 

Home Mortgage Finance

Solidon Real Estate, Inc. is our affiliated company and provides full real estate services including mortgage loans.  It is registered under California Bureau of Real Estate, BRE:# 02061367 and NMLS # 02061367.

Unsecured Personal Line of Credit

For the borrowers who maintain satisfactory payment history with Solidon Financial, we provides personal line of credit to our existing customers.  By allowing them a certain limit of credit line, our borrowers have been able to enjoy and escape from financial stress.  

Auto / Title Loan

For the borrowers who have no chance to obtain financing based on their credit history and low income, we offer different financing options such as Title Loan.  Solidon Financial offers very competitive interest rate and fees on the Title Loan.

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