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Our mission is simple.

Providing quality loans to our lending partners

We post our new loans every week. 

Please review our current projects periodically and submit your best offer.

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About Banker's Portal Site

We are a direct lender and also loan brokerage firm.  Our goal is simple, "to match our clients with bankers who will provide the best rate and terms for our clients."

Our underwriting quality and financial analytical skills are far superior in reliability and dependability.  We try our best to verify all the data and also we hire third party for verification.  You can trust our financial data and underwriting quality.

We post our projects on the website with brief description.  Each project has its own underwriting in PDF format and it is encrypted due to its confidentiality.   In order to access, you have to agree with our confidential agreement.  Please contact the assigned loan officer for full access.


3550 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 1115

Los Angeles, CA 90010

Tel: 213-973-0010

Fax: 866-323-4948


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