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Thank you. We have received your loan submissiion for your client, "NAME".

Here's what you expect for the next steps:
1. Within 1 business day, your loan will be assigned to one of our underwriter. 
2. Within 2 business days, our underwriter will review the packages and give you the qualification report.  In case we are missing critical documents such as financial data, it may delay the qualification process.
3. Within 5 business days, we will finalize our underwriting report and distribute to the lenders we think they are the one for this loan.
4. We will continue to work within the lender's underwriter and also local appraisers to make sure there is no surprise during the loan process.
5. Within 10 business days, we will present the lenders' LOI and your client should pick one of the best.  
6. We will continue to work with the lender that has been picked by your client and make sure they fund the loan within the time.


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