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Step by Step Submission for New Loans

Before submit your new loans, please make sure you have the following information.

1. Borrower basic information, name, phone number, adress, DOB and ssn, etc

2. Purpose of the loan (Why the borrower needs loan? Purcahse, working capital, etc)

Do you have the borrower's tax return and upload them now?
If you upload them now, we can import some of the data to the application.

Insider=> ask for the entity to make sure its borrowing entity =>  upload tax returns => import data (Borrowing entity) => import 

Manually proceed to submit a loan.  

Manual process => Ask for the loan type => depending on the loan type it will lead to different route

Type of Request (Choice of Real estate loan, business loan, line of credit,) => next page: Purpose of the loan => Loan Amount => Borrowing Entity => Property address =>  go on until the last step.

Once it reaches to the final step

Congratulation! Your loan has been submitted. 

Are you ready to generate the list of documents?

Click to generate document list

Generate documents automatically.

Do you already have some of the documents?  Please upload it here.

1. tax returns, 2. BFS, 3. Purchase contract.

Do you wanna share the list of document with your client? (make sure delete the items that already submitted)

Email to ____________________________

Based on the documents you submitted, we can run basic cash flow.  However, in order for us to pre-qualify the loan, we should receive the pending items.

Do you wanna run cash flow?  (YES)

==== Generate DCR Calculation, Net Worth, Current Ratio, Liquidity Ratio, etc.


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